Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of outpatient anesthesia care!

OASIS Anesthesia sets itself apart as being the premier anesthesia service in Southwest Florida.
Our strict focus on our patients in the ambulatory setting has allowed us to be the forerunner in same day surgical anesthesia care. We were the first group to introduce peripheral regional nerve blocks with continuous pumps in this area. This has revolutionized outpatient care, allowing more cases to be done in the ambulatory setting, as well as reducing the amount of anesthesia required to provide maximum patient comfort. Side effects, particularly nausea, are reduced and patients are able to be discharged comfortably to home. Patients can then usually resume normal diet and activity quickly.

We are proud of our achievements in the ambulatory care setting and are committed to the same day surgical patient.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 941.376.4546 for your outpatient anesthesia needs.